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Ben Lucas

Founding Director and Managing Director

Ben leads major strategy projects for our clients across the UK. He is an expert on the political and economic drivers that are needed for growth and how to shape narratives that best reflect these. He advises places on governance, inclusive growth and how best to work with Westminster and Whitehall. 

Before becoming a Founding Director of Metro Dynamics, Ben had a long career in public policy and communications, advising cities, businesses and charities on how best to achieve their public affairs objectives. He has worked with Ministers, Officials and Local Government Leaders on a range of public policy issues, has set up and run a public affairs consultancy and two highly influential Commissions, the 2020 Public Services Commission and the RSA City Growth Commission.

He is an adviser to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, a member of the Post Office Advisory Council and a Trustee of the Early Intervention Foundation. Ben is a graduate of Liverpool University, with a Joint Honours BA in History and Politics.