Glasgow and Clyde Valley Economic Strategy

Working with the Glasgow and Clyde Valley Councils to develop an economic strategy for the city region. Work will include: supporting the development of a shared vision for the city region, undertaking a review of best practice, consulting with relevant stakeholders, and developing a delivery structure for implementation.


Greater Manchester

Advice to Greater Manchester Leaders and Chief Executives on the formulation of their devolution proposals and negotiations and on-going economic strategy and positioning.


Great Western Cities

Advice to the Leaders and Chief Executives of Newport, Bristol and Cardiff on their Great Western Cities strategy, individual city deals, and their devolution submissions to HM Treasury and DCLG. This work included the production of an economic business case for the strategy, supported by a functional economic market area (FEMA) analysis.



Supporting the Council to develop an effective position statement and narrative that enables them to benefit from devolution negotiations and proposals in surrounding areas, and developing a FEMA analysis.


London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

Worked with the Council on the development and implementation of an independent Growth Commission to support the future development of the Borough.


London Councils

Advice to London Councils on devolution discussions, including the establishment of both a London-wide housing fund and a broader investment fund.


North East Combined Authority

Advice to the Combined Authority, LEP, Leaders and Chief Executives on the CA's economic strategy, governance, devolution proposals, funding strategy and negotiations with HM Treasury. This work has included advising on the setting-up of a NE Investment Fund.



Working with the Council to develop an evidence based economic strategy that identifies the major drivers of growth and creates a narrative for future growth that partners and stakeholders can support.


West Midlands Combined Authority

Supported the Combined Authority to develop a FEMA analysis and a Statement of Intent setting out the Combined Authority’s position on devolution of powers to the West Midlands. Currently supporting the establishment of a Land Commission, assessing land utilisation and economic development, and providing background briefing material to the Land Commission.


Newcastle and Gateshead Health & Social Care Governance Review

Supporting health and social care providers and commissioners in Newcastle and Gateshead to develop a statement of common purpose, leading to the development of a formal governance structure.