Fiona Tuck

Associate Director

Fiona is an experienced economic development consultant and research practitioner. She is highly skilled in designing methodologies and tools to elicit hard-to-reach information and has a wealth of experience in planning and executing quantitative and qualitative research. A key strength is moving forward evidence generated through programmes of research to provide the interpretation and understanding that underpins policy and strategy formation. Fiona is skilled in maximising the potential of secondary data to underpin the narrative of a place or sector’s performance and inform the case for intervention, with a strong background in delivering robust, detailed analysis of economies at a local, sub-national and national level. She has also undertaken numerous evaluation studies, exploring the impact and performance of projects, programmes and organisations, providing insight into operational and strategic effectiveness to shape future delivery.

Fiona has led a number of studies considering workforce diversity and is passionate about the economic advantages to be gained from enabling and promoting the experience and knowledge of people from diverse backgrounds.  Her work has specifically considered the protected characteristics as they relate to leadership and management, entrepreneurship and workforce profile.  She believes that a key aspect of strong future UK economic performance lies in securing a pipeline of talented workers, and has delivered projects exploring education and career pathways in a number of sectors and professions, considering the effectiveness qualifications and training and areas for improvement and development.