The 21st Century will be the century of the city.

Half of the world’s population already lives in cities, which generate some 80% of GDP today. Therefore, cities rather than national governments are increasingly driving economic growth. There is a mismatch between what we expect from our cities, the vision of our city leaders for the cities they govern, and the centrally-determined, often short-termist policies of national governments. We need to equip our cities with the freedom, power and capacity to enable them to compete internationally on a more level playing field.

Metro Dynamics is passionate about the future of cities. We work with some of the biggest and most dynamic cities in the world.

We offer our clients:

Expertise and experience

Metro Dynamics has vast experience in public and private sectors, with expertise in finance, economics, politics and communications. Our team of thought leaders and opinion formers has the power and influence to drive change – setting agendas and tackling big issues.

Exceptional ability to communicate

As well as core skills in specialist subject areas, one thing that unifies the team is the ability to communicate well to influence and advise our clients. This is about being able to talk and persuade, but also about listening, being able to empathise and understand.

Enthusiasm and belief in cities

We are passionate about cities and their future. It's not just our knowledge about cities as engines of social and economic progress that sets us apart, it's our commitment to helping them achieve their potential.

Key Services 

Metro Dynamics offers a range of services for organisations whose focus is leading, growing or investing in cities. This includes: local and combined authorities, local enterprise partnerships (LEPs), universities, developers and investors.


1 – Analysing city and economic performance

Effective action depends on robust evidence. Our research team helps public sector organisations to understand the drivers of growth and the barriers to development. We support professional bodies to understand and promote the economic impact of their members and we support developers and investors to discern the economic realities of the areas they are investing in and consider how they can maximise value. We do all of this using a wide suite of economic, business, place and demographic indicators that provides a comprehensive picture of local dynamics. We help organisations communicate key trends clearly and effectively to support dialogue between partners.


2 – Developing inclusive economic strategies for places

The need to promote inclusive economic growth is greater than ever. We are working with cities and places around the country to develop Local Industrial Strategies that reflect inclusive growth principles whilst also promoting improved productivity in key growth sectors. We work in partnership with places and their stakeholders, using dialogue based on thorough economic evidence to understand the key opportunities and challenges, and build consensus for change.


3 – Investment and funding for growth

We work with places and private sector developers and investors to create the right conditions for investment in infrastructure, housing and commercial development. For our local government clients this means developing investment strategies and prospectuses, and getting places ‘investment-ready’ by having the right capacity in place to attract and land investment to where it is most needed, within the context of a broader growth strategy. For private sector developers and investors, we use our local knowledge to identify opportunities where there are strong investment returns through developments that support local growth plans.


4 – Economic impact and appraisal

Understanding the impact of investments can be challenging for both the public and private sectors, but this understanding is crucial to mobilise change. We help organisations understand the potential outcomes of investment decisions, using an evidenced approach that is mindful of the distributional (inclusive growth) outcomes as well as the overall quantum. This analysis helps organisations bid for funding and secure matching funds. We also help organisations understand the economic impact of their existing activities. This helps demonstrate broader economic value to partners and Government.

Creating Momentum: Mobilising and organising for change

5 – Creating Momentum: Mobilising and organising for change

The Metro Dynamics team have extensive experience of working with organisations delivering change: in governance, economic policy, public services and in complex financial engineering. We help our clients to mobilis, embed and communicate change. We do this through helping our clients to identify clear and credible goals, challenging the existing status quo and developing a narrative for change. We help our clients build coalitions around these narratives and a shared vision for change. We help our clients to test these narratives so that they resonate with target audiences. We advise our clients how to build support within Westminster and Whitehall and across the political parties.


6 – Negotiating with Government

The Metro Dynamics team has unparalleled experience in the development of deals between places and organisations, and Government. We help our clients to establish a robust evidence-based narrative that supports a dialogue with Government. We support our clients to negotiate effectively with Government, helping broker deals that give confidence to both local and central government. For the public sector we help broker financial and devolution deals, and have helped several places across the country re-position themselves to secure better support and recognition from Government. For developers and investors we help our clients to understand the underlying policy dynamics in cities and to build wider engagement and support for their plans.


7 – Brokering public service reform

There is increasing recognition that effective reform can drive cost savings and quality improvements in public services. Our team has extensive public service reform experience including: demand management, public health, and behavioural change. We help shape public service reform strategy, working with groups of officers to extract the best framework for reform, and reality testing these ideas against Whitehall thinking and best practice in other places. We also help our private sector clients consider how they can support public service reform in a way that opens up new markets for their products and services.


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