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Mike Emmerich

Founding Director

Before founding Metro Dynamics, Mike was the Chief Executive of New Economy in Manchester and central to the Manchester devolution deal. He has a distinguished background in the political and economic arena, having worked in academia, setting up a governance institute at the University of Manchester; consulting with Ernst and Young; and as a civil servant.

Mike has experience at HM Treasury, where he was one of the founding members of the Productivity Team and in the Prime Minister’s Policy Unit where he held the brief on local government housing and planning.

For over eight years prior to Metro Dynamics, Mike was the Chief Executive of New Economy which played a key role in the development of Manchester’s approach to growth and reform, initiating the Manchester Independent Economic Review and leading the integration of economics-based appraisal mechanisms in Greater Manchester’s approach. He has also participated in a number of high profile reviews including as an advisor to the City Growth Commission and as a member both of the London Finance Commission and the City Finance Commission chaired by Sir Stuart Lipton.

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