At Metro Dynamics, we have three key principles which define the way we work:

We get things done, and done well

  • Clients can rely on us to meet deadlines, with work having been done to the highest standard

  • We work with clients to ensure not just their specifications, but their objectives are met, using strategic insight and fresh thinking

  • We continue to develop our thought leadership by allowing time for R&D work and all-team policy discussions involving clients

  • We establish and follow clear processes, from proposal to product

We communicate clearly

  • We consult clients regularly throughout our projects, helping them contribute and understand progress

  • We support the whole team by being responsive and announcing business milestones

  • We listen to one another and speak up to say thanks, give constructive feedback, ask questions and share ideas

We put people first

  • We are generous to each other and clients in small ways through random acts of kindness

  • We take time to understand each other’s lives outside of work using lunch, coffee breaks, and after work events

  • We are united – many individuals, two offices, one team