Why the Devolution Revolution might just secure the future funding of our green spaces…

By Sarah Whitney

On Saturday morning, I put on my walking boots, and headed to our local country park for a couple of hours.  Harry, my Airedale terrier, greeted everyone we met as long-lost friends, chased umpteen squirrels (and caught none), and braved the freezing cold river for a swim.  The park was full of people: golfers-a-plenty, children having a first go at orienteering, horses nervously picking their way through the mud, and many people like me, just out enjoying the leg stretch and winding down from the demands of the previous week.

This week, the Land Trust, published a fascinating report on the economic and societal benefits of these sorts of green spaces. The Land Trust, if you haven’t come across it before, is a charity that owns and manages public open spaces for the benefit of the community.  I should declare an interest here - I am very proud to be a trustee of this remarkable organisation.